You’ve networked, have a rock star cover letter and resume, and an interview tomorrow. Can’t get much better than this. Follow these tips to nail every interview, every time

  • Research the Company. Visit the website, who are the players, what’s their mission, what are they working on. Be ready to talk about some of this during the interview. 
  • Read the Job Description. This is the answer key. This what they are looking for - can you do it? Have you done similar things in school, at your internships - tell them about it. Be ready to tell them why you are the one for this job. 
  • Look the Part, Be on Time (we mean early). To suit or not to suit? Ask the recruiter or others you may know at the company what to wear. Make sure you know how to get there and arrive 15 minutes early. Running late, call. Not calling is not okay. You made it, turn the phone off…calls during the interview also not okay. 
  • Interview Like a Boss. Relax, they already like you or you wouldn’t be here. Stand up, greet interviewer with a firm handshake. Make eye contact. Listen carefully (you can take notes too). Impress the recruiter with your insightful questions (prepare ahead of time) and ask a few questions about them as well.
  • Close the Deal. Thank the recruiter for their time. Ask about next steps and get a business card. (Ditto for everyone else you meet with.) Send individual thank yous same day, and try to add something specific to the conversation you had. If you really want to impress, send an old school, clearly legible, hand handwritten thank you.

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