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Interested in a Marketing Career?

Marketing is everywhere: it offers diverse job opportunities and its cutting edge is being redefined every day. Effective marketing is critical in large corporations, small companies, and for-profit and non-profit organizations. In a world of fast-paced media that ranges from television to Twitter, the demand for outstanding marketing professionals has never been stronger. 

Because marketing is such a diverse field, today's marketing professionals may have one specialty area, while others handle multiple areas. Data-driven marketing increasingly focuses on the consumer, data and accountability -- and how these attributes interact. In other words, marketers help companies figure out which campaigns work best and how to use advertising and marketing dollars more effectively.

Marketing departments and agencies are looking for well-rounded individuals, who possess communication skills and who are not afraid of numbers, data and measurement. There are a wide array of positions to choose from in this field including: Account Coordinator, Community Manager, Database Marketing Coordinator, Email Marketing Specialist, Graphic Designer, Marketing Analysts, Social Media Coordinator and Web Content Writer, among many others.

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