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The Collegiate ECHO Marketing Challenge has been providing a great learning experience—and gaining recognition for marketing students—for more than 30 years!

This past Fall 2018 semester, the Collegiate ECHO Marketing Challenge was sponsored by Boxed.

The Challenge by Boxed brought to life the concepts students learned in the safety of the classroom, and challenged them to apply them to an actual business case. Students pitch a campaign proposal to an actual "client!"

The Marketing Challenge

Boxed allows customers to shop for bulk household items online and have them shipped directly to their door with no membership fees and free delivery on orders over $49.  The Challenge: create a multichannel marketing campaign that targets one of four US markets, focuses on the target demographic of affluent moms, and includes a word-of-mouth tactic. 

Backgrounder: CNBC Interviews Boxed CEO


NEWS: Relevant NY Times article.

Thank you to all teams that successfully submitted their campaigns!

Students worldwide submitted campaigns for the past Boxed Challenge. Click below to see the Boxed Challenge Winners!

In the Challenge, Students Created a Polished Business Pitch

Deliverables included

  • executive summary - 1 page brief + 10 page summary)
  • strategic summary chart - market research conclusions in left column, corresponding strategy in right column
  • visual summary - 20 PowerPoint slides or 3 - 4 minute video presentation
  • appendix - up to 20 pages - details, substantiation and samples for these summaries.
  • team photo (plus a document identifying who's who)

Not required / optional: video advertisement to consumers

Prizes and Awards

PRIZES FOR 2018-2019 Challenge by Boxed.  We saved the best for last. Teams that win are eligible for prizes as follows:

are eligible to receive award certificates recognizing their achievement as Gold, Silver, or Bronze winners or Honorable Mentions. Their school department receives a trophy for display. In addition:

1st Place Gold: Team members are eligible to split a $2,000 award.
2nd Place Silver: Team members are eligible to  split a $1,000 award.
3rd Place Bronze: Team members are eligible to split a $500 award.

Trophies: The above winners' schools each receive a trophy (sent to the faculty advisor or department chair if applicable).

Certificates: The above winners, as well as honorable mention team members, are eligible to receive a certificate suitable for framing that denotes their achievement.

Graduate team members are eligible to receive award certificates denoting their achievement as Gold, Silver, or Bronze winners or Honorable Mentions.

Marketing EDGE Scholarships Available

Undergraduate and Graduate Scholarships

Students who participate in our programs are eligible to apply for our scholarships. Collegiate ECHO is one such program.  Every student on a qualifying* team is eligible to apply for Marketing EDGE scholarships which range from $1,000-$7,000.

*Teams that qualify: all team members registered; the team's submission contains all required deliverables and meets the qualifications for judging.

For Faculty

Marketing EDGE offers teaching resources for the Collegiate ECHOs and a separate registration for faculty before the teaching semester. To receive email notifications and information about the Challenge, email us at

Previous Winners


Meet the winners of the 2017-2018 Collegiate ECHO Marketing Challenge by Fossil.