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Experience the Challenge! | #collegiateECHO18

Imagine you're about to present a marketing plan you've been working on for weeks to your boss. Your boss' eyes pierce through you. You're nervous. But then you think to yourself, I've done this before.  

The 2017-2018 Collegiate ECHO Challenge by Fossil brings to life the concepts you learned in the safety of the classroom, and challenges you to apply them to an actual business case. You pitch a campaign proposal to an actual "client!"

The Collegiate ECHO Marketing Challenge has been providing a great learning experience—and gaining recognition for marketing students—for more than 30 years!

Your Marketing Challenge

Create an integrated omni-channel marketing campaign to drive Fossil Q Smartwatches sales using all Fossil marketing channels including our website, retail stores, social media platforms, as well as a paid media strategy. A well designed campaign should increase awareness, drive traffic and sales for this target audience. Be creative!

Target Audience: Men/Women 18 to 35 years old

Budget: $5 million, with US national reach

Client Brief and Official Rules

IT'S A MUST-READ: This brief (and the rules) is required reading for all team members! Keep it for your reference.  It will come in handy.

Deadlines and What's Next

For Spring participants (Jan-May):

March 16, 2018 - Each student individually must register by this date.

May 14, 2018 - Entry submission deadline. (Team leaders, take note!)

May - mid-July, 2018 - Judging of Submissions

mid-July 2018 - Notification of results to faculty advisors via email.  We will also provide the judges' feedback to the faculty advisors.

Prizes and Awards (2017-2018 Challenge)

We saved the best for last. In each division (graduate and undergraduate):

1st Place Gold: Team members are eligible to split a $2,000 award.
2nd Place Silver: Team members are eligible to  split a $1,000 award.
3rd Place Bronze: Team members are eligible to split a $500 award.

TROPHIES: The above winners' schools each receive a trophy (sent to the faculty advisor, if applicable, or department chair).

CERTIFICATES: The above winners, as well as honorable mention team members, are eligible to receive a certificate suitable for framing that denotes their achievement.

Marketing EDGE Scholarships Available

Undergraduate and Graduate Scholarships

Students who participate in our programs are eligible to apply for our scholarships. Collegiate ECHO is one such program.  Every student on a qualifying* team is eligible to apply for Marketing EDGE scholarships which range from $1,000-$7,000.

*Teams that qualify: all team members registered; the team's submission contains all required deliverables and meets the qualifications for judging.

Took Our 2016-2017 Recent Challenge by Collette?

We'd like to thank all the student teams and their faculty advisors for participating in last year's challenge.  Click here to see the winners' list on our main website.


We have teaching resources and a separate registration (before the teaching semester) for you. So please see the Faculty Toolkit at before registering.