Collegiate ECHO

Experience the Challenge! | #collegiateECHO19

We'll be announcing the winners of the 2017-2018 Collegiate ECHO Marketing Challenge by Fossil here soon.  

And, we'll also be announcing the 2018-2019 Marketing Challenge by Boxed here soon as well!

Marketing EDGE Scholarships Available

Undergraduate and Graduate Scholarships

Students who participate in our programs are eligible to apply for our scholarships. Collegiate ECHO is one such program.  Every student on a qualifying* team is eligible to apply for Marketing EDGE scholarships which range from $1,000-$7,000.

*Teams that qualify: all team members registered; the team's submission contains all required deliverables and meets the qualifications for judging.

Took Our 2017-2018 Challenge by Fossil?

We'll be announcing the winners here soon!

We'd like to thank all the student teams and their faculty advisors for participating in our Challenge.  Click here to see the winners' list from the 2016-2017 Challenge on our main website.


We will offer teaching resources for the Collegiate ECHOs and a separate registration for faculty before the teaching semester. There will be a faculty toolkit available for you at - and we'll link to that page from here.  Stay tuned!  To receive email notifications and information about the next Challenge, email us at