E-Learning Courses

There is a great way to differentiate yourself in today’s competitive job market without spending a ton of money on courses. Marketing EDGE has teamed up with the Data & Marketing Association (DMA) to support college students interested in learning more about the marketing industry.  

Take Social Media Marketing or Data-Driven Analytics & Testing on us for FREE. And when you’re done, you can list the course on your resumé for employers to see.

Sign-up for any of the other courses, including Mobile Marketing and Web & Search Engine Marketing, for just $20 a course – that’s a 90% discount. All courses are accessible for two months from registration.

Course List

Fundamental Courses
(FREE - your choice between Social Media Marketing or Data-Driven Analytics & Testing)

1. Social Media Marketing
2. Data-Driven Analytics & Testing
3. Offers, Value Propositions & Calls-to-Action
4. Creative Copywriting
5. Direct Mail Campaigns
6. Email Marketing
7. Fundamental Measurement
8. Relationship Marketing I
9. Database Marketing
10. Web and Search Engine Marketing

Advanced Courses
1. Mobile Marketing
2. Advanced Email Marketing
3. Advanced Database Marketing
4. Teleservices
5. Advanced Measurement
6. Relationship Marketing II
7. Data Governance